About Us


Manapachari not only gives you the convenience to sit back at home and get things delivered at your doorstep, but they also ensure that you are delivered the best quality products. At Manapachari, you will find a variety of items you usually buy and stock up on a regular basis at home, at very reasonable costs. From vegetables and fruits, to rice, ghee, beverages, spices, snacks, personal care products and various other household items, you can look for anything that you would use regularly at your home on this website. Manapachari not only provides you a one-stop solution for all your home needs, but also delivers your orders at minimal delivery charges. This online grocery store also has an offer zone wherein products with special offers and deals can be seen.

Your Trusted Local Kirana

When ordering through Manapachari your groceries are always picked and delivered by your selected local Kirana store. Rather than instore or on the phone, with Manapachari you can order your favorite and trusted products conveniently on your computer or smartphone, letting you see all the store’s products and available promotions. All products online will be charged at the price found instore, but Manapachari also offers hundreds of exclusive discounts.